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 In this eye-opening episode, we expose the DNC’s latest corrupt maneuvers, dive deep into Biden’s indictment prospects, and venture into the realm of the unexplained with Mexico’s startling alien revelations. Join us as we dissect RFK Jr.’s illuminating podcast alongside Tim Dillon, where an inexplicable blackout hints at corporate interests intertwining with political discourse. We also scrutinize the staggering wealth of the Democratic Party, raising questions about the influence of money in politics. From Kamala Harris’s dance moves to the complex web of Ukrainian politics, we uncover layers of intrigue. Additionally, we explore science’s impact on our lives, the geopolitics of Russia and North Korea, and the controversial impeachment of President Biden. We revisit the Sabina dead signatures case, probe the COVID-19 narrative, and delve into Bill Gates’s lab-grown fruit project. Lastly, we unravel the mystery of Mexico’s extraterrestrial revelations, leaving us to ponder the existence of life beyond our planet.

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Red Tide Radio, the common sense leaning, political radio show where we tackle the most pressing issues of the day. Our show is hosted by comedians Adam the Annihilator and the Dicksta! Red Tide Radio is your source for unfiltered political commentary, news analysis, and opinion. From election coverage to immigration reform, from the culture wars to economic policy, we’ve got you covered. With lively debate, listener call in capabilities, and a no-holds-barred attitude… Red Tide Radio is a must-listen for anyone who cares about the future of Rhode Island and our country. Tune in and join the Red Tide revolution!

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