RI Congressmen, Cicilline & Magaziner, Vote to Decriminalize Violent Crime in DC

House Votes 250-173 To Block DC’s New Soft-On-Crime Criminal Code

Washington, DC’s city council – over the opposition of the mayor – approved a looney measure that moves toward decriminalizing violent crime in the nation’s murder capital.

Good news: Republicans in the House were unanimous and they were joined by 31 Democrats to overturn the law. One Democrat who voted “yea: was Rep. Angie Craig of Minnesota. She was assaulted in the elevator of her DC apartment building several hours before the vote.

Bad news: of the 31 Democrats who voted “yea”, Rhode Island’s David Cicilline and Seth Magaziner were NOT among them.

For the full US House of Representatives February 9 vote on this measure, go here: Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives – Vote Details

The measure now heads to the Senate, where there is expected to be an illuminating floor debate on where Democrats stand on fighting crime.

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