RI Women’s Group Calls out NPR Public Radio

The following is the text of a January 19 email send to the editor of NPR public radio, from one of the leaders of a new women’s group in Rhode Island … the RI chapter of the Independent Women’s Network (IWN), a project of Women’s Voice, in partnership with Independent Women’s Forum – a private community for women to come together to inspire, interact, influence, and have impact.

To the editor: 

I just read your article “A year in, experts assess Biden’s hits and misses on handling the pandemic.”

It absolutely does not feel like the Biden administration really wants to win back trust in government institutions. All they want is to be able to force people to agree with the narratives their institutions are putting out there.
If they really wanted to be truthful they would acknowledge ideas such as natural immunity, and be honest about the possible side effects and concerns people have of vaccines. The push that these vaccines are getting is scary. Why such force? This kind of push has never happened in history of vaccines. The fact is 30% of the country is not anti-VAXer. So stop labeling them as that. They are just concerned about the force and push for the Covid vaccine. Why for the Covid vaccine? The Covid disease is not scarier than smallpox or mumps or anything else.
They need to address the reasons for the forced push of this vaccine. Pushing vaccines even in people with measurable natural immunity goes against any basic biology. Biden and his crew need to be honest and address, with respect, the concerns that people are feeling. Telling people they are stupid because they don’t agree with taking the vaccines whether they believe in it or not, is not the way to build trust.
I also don’t believe government officials are stupid enough not to understand this. Clearly they don’t really have a winning message which is the reason that they cannot put out a winning message to convince people that this vaccine is the right thing to do. The message out there seems to be take this vaccine no matter what.
At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I have to say, it certainly seems like there is a larger agenda from the people in charge.  What is it? And who’s benefiting?
In conclusion, I will end with saying I don’t expect NPR or any of the mainstream news media to take any of these concerns seriously. It’s not part of your accepted narrative. We all know that. 

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