Right AGAIN – Sometimes, It Takes Years To Get Them To Listen

Right AGAIN! Did you see Speaker Mattiello on GoLocal Prov Live? 
We’re glad that he echoed our Center’s long-time call that the Commerce Corp, and the state overall, must diversify its economic development program beyond just corporate handouts. Our state must instead try to improve the business climate for ALL citizens.
Sometimes, it takes years to get the political class to listen to our Center, but we are always pleased when they do. Rhode Island is not keeping pace with the rest of the nation when it comes to jobs and population growth. Our state ranks a dismal 47th on the Jobs & Opportunity Index developed by our Center, and 50th place in business according to CNBC. Things must change!
Yet, the Ocean State’s political class is failing to take advantage of the national trends, and are not making the needed free-market reforms. Rhode Island families deserve to be able to achieve their hopes and dreams. In fact, 2019 was one of the worst General Assembly sessions in recent memory. We need to make a complete change to the status quo thinking in Rhode Island.
Our Research Director Justin Katz has a great article on the negatives of the government-centric economic development model this week available for free on the Ocean State Current. I encourage you to click here now to read his post.
P.S. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to our Center. For every dollar you give, we can work even harder to fight for freedom here in Rhode Island. 


Of the following two issues related to Rhode Island’s public schools, which one is a greater concern?

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