ELECTION WAVES Candidate Interview: Deb Ruggiero, Lt. Governor

ELECTION WAVES will conduct a series of interviews and debates with candidates running for office in Rhode Island. In this edition, Ron St. Pierre interviews Lt. Governor candidate Deborah Ruggiero (D). Ruggiero discusses her experience as a state representative, her plans for the Lt. Governor’s office, and her thoughts on the current state of Rhode Island politics.

She also addresses some of the challenges she would face as Lt. Governor. She has served the residents of Jamestown and Middletown in District 74 since first being elected in November 2008. She is the chair of the House Innovation, Internet and Technology Committee; she has been a member of the House Finance Committee for 8 years framing the state budget. Her ELECTION WAVES interview is well worth a listen today at 5:00pm or on demand after!

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR RACE NOTES: On the Democratic primary side, incumbent Lieutenant Governor, Sabina Matos, declined our invitation to interview or debate, while Senator Cynthia Mendes, also a candidate, did not respond to our repeated invitations. On the Republican primary side, candidates Paul Pence and Juan Luggo will soon receive invitations.

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