See the video: NK residents BLAST school committee, then are ignored

Wednesday evening’s special school committee meeting in North Kingstown had a single agenda item – to select a consulting firm to make a recommendation on the hiring of a new school superintendent.

However, during the open comments period, two residents blasted the school committee for being the cause of the many legal, financial, and community problems that the town is suffering through.

Ramona Bessinger admonished the committee for the “lowering of boundaries” when it came to the safety of student and for the marginalization of parents. She further faulted the school committee members for creating the divisiveness and “mess that has been created in this school district.”

Jim McGwin took it even further, not only stating directly to the woke  committee members that “you are the problem”, but also suggesting that parents and town residents have so much distrust, that all school committee members should “recuse themselves” from the superintendent search process and establish and independent search committee.

The school committee members ignored the suggestion and immediately moved to hire the consulting firm suggested by the Chairman. During the discussion, member Jennifer Lima suggested the selected firm may not have provided a strong enough “diversity” response in their application. She voted to hire them.

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