The Conversation Starts Tuesday: Opportunity To Become Self-Sufficient

Does anyone trust that an elitist cabal of political cronies should centrally engineer our economy? Or do we place more trust in the great people of Rhode Island to be able to unleash their suppressed capacity in a fair and free-market economy? The top down ideas being championed by the corporate welfare strategy of the status quo will do little to help the real families of our state. Far too many Rhode Islanders are leaving our state, leaving a swath of empty chairs at our family dinner tables. If we want to keep our loved ones at home with us and give those who have left a reason to return, we must take bold action to reform our approach to public policy and to civil society.

Everyone concerned about the well-being of our state’s families should be alarmed by our unacceptable 48th-place ranking. It is time to challenge the status quo insider mindset and to search for a more holistic path to help real Rhode Islanders improve their quality of life. This week, the Center will co-host a forum at Bryant University, that will provide an ideal opportunity for community, religious, and political leaders to convene and begin the process. I believe this new research can be ground-breaking in that FPI broadens the scope of analyzing official government data to include both social and economic factors, that result from public policy on actual families in each state.

Rhode Islanders want to keep the Ocean State as our home, to see our loved ones who have left return, and to attract other American families to build their lives here. To do that we must encourage our states entrepreneurs by creating a business friendly environment. Ideas like sales tax reform and school choice can make the difference. We believe that every person should have the opportunity to become self-sufficient and thrive. As a state, we should be inclined to look for a new approach, and new solutions.

Haven’t you had enough of the crony status quo machine? By speaking out, you can have a powerful impact on the debate in Rhode Island. Now is the time to adopt the family friendly ideas that can transform our home. The rigged system in the Ocean State has kept too many people out of the process. Rhode Islanders want a state government that works for everyone not just the chosen few. Don’t just sit back and wait for change. Your family deserves prosperity, and you must demand the proven free market reforms that can transform our state.

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