The Destruction of our Common Values

In a time not so long ago, Americans use to share a commonality of values. Those values being rugged individualism, freedom, hard work, but here in the summer of 2022 things look remarkably different. Those values appear to have been destroyed.

There is more than a growing undercurrent of violence, apathy, entitlement and selfishness. It is clear to me that many of the institutions that Americans held sacred are now held in disdain by individuals who have been taught to hate them and to embrace a system that has shown itself to be an abject failure throughout the planet and every place it’s ever been tried.

The system I’m referring to is communism/socialism, it goes by a couple of different euphemisms, but the result is always the same: The destruction of wealth, freedom, and life. There are many in the state of Rhode Island who have not only embraced this system but are actively involved in the recruitment and training of young people. While many would say this is the stuff of conspiracy, is not there is ample evidence around us? In fact, the communists/socialists around us are getting very bold and are doing very little in the way of hiding themselves anymore.

In the not-so-distant past we can look at failed school committee member and left-wing activist from South Kingston Sarah Markey who ran a bookstore called the Collective 401. While the shop is since shut down, it is interesting to note that they ran a summer program and recruited children under the age of 19 to partake in “activism”. They were able to pay these folks somewhere-in-the-neighborhood of $19 an hour which seems rather strange for a small independent bookstore to be able to afford.

So where did the money come from? Well, the answer lies in an interview posted on YouTube where Sarah Markey and her associates proudly stated they had very little business experience but were somehow able to navigate the Rhode Island state government and get themselves a grant. Now as somebody with experience in finance, business and, certainly, state grants, I know that it requires quite a bit of paperwork and the ability to show the worthiness to receive a state grant. The three women involved self admitted that they had very little experience in these regards; so who helped them and why? Ms. Markey to this day still promotes left wing activism.

Most recently in a so called “organic” protest a crowd of students walked out of a Pawtucket high school to supposedly protest violence in schools. What followed was anything but an organic protest. The number of left-wing politicians along with preprinted signs and NEA talking points seemed to be the rule of the day. What was particularly interesting to me was the spokesman for the so-called concerned students a young man named Zachary Pinto.

Young Pinto seems to have quite the following of every single ‘prominent ‘left wing/communist in the state to include a candidate for Lieutenant governor, media types and sitting town council members. I find it very odd that these types of people follow a young minor who doesn’t even live in their communities.  Trust me, if I was following 17-year-old girls on the Internet people would notice.

What was also conveniently left out of young Master Pinto’s various interviews given that the day, was the fact that he is tied to the Black Lives Matter organization as a young communications director. So, I must ask the question, if this was so “organic” why does master Pinto seem to know every left-wing hack in the entire state? Where are Master Pinto’s parents and are they OK with the fact that their young prodigy has been enlisted by known terrorists and embezzlers? Is anybody concerned that despite the tremendous amount of money spent per student in the poorer neighborhoods of Rhode Island, why does Master Pinto’s school have some of the lowest literacy rates in the state, the best we can do is encouraging children to become socialist soldiers?

It’s become quite clear to me that we are no longer teaching American values to children we’re teaching them how to be revolutionaries. Young master Pinto should probably be encouraged to join a police athletic league, school sports/clubs that may pique his interest or mentoring from adults willing to show him the value of hard work, family, and liberty.

Children are moldable; they are what we make them … and clearly what is being poured into Master Pinto is not hope but hate. We all must recognize the fact that he’s not the only one out there; that there are far too many self-serving adults and organizations willing to use a young man like Master Pinto for their own purposes and agendas.

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