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The Destruction of our Common Values

In a time not so long ago, Americans use to share a commonality of values. Those values being rugged individualism, freedom, hard work, but here in the summer of 2022 things look remarkably different. Those values appear to have been destroyed. There is more than a growing undercurrent of violence, apathy, entitlement and selfishness. It […]

OPINION: Did citizens really get what they wanted, or were the scales tipped?

We know that Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea removed the security provisions from mail in ballots. We know that the State of Rhode Island was taken to the Supreme Court of the United States where the case was not heard because the event had not taken place and there was no “aggrieved party“. So all said and done this seem to be the end of it. Was removing the security provisions from mail in ballots part of a bigger conspiracy?

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