OPINION: Did citizens really get what they wanted, or were the scales tipped?

You know nobody likes losing. When you grow up and you play sports you’re told as a kid to leave it all out on the field, give it your best, train hard and even so there’s no guarantees that you’ll win.

Only losers make excuses for losing. As a former professional warrior though, losing takes on and even more dire consequence because losers inevitably are captured or killed, so my personal aversion to losing is certainly greater than the average person.

Even running your own business the idea of losing can be hugely catastrophic as it affects your family, your children and the people that depend on you. You simply can’t afford to lose.

So in November 2020, after a long seven months of campaigning, fundraising and talking to people then watching election results come in and being declared the winner only to find out in the dark of night that I had lost, something didn’t sit right.

There was much anecdotal data from my experiences of walking districts and talking to people that the outcome didn’t add up. I felt people were very much fed up with the status quo and the criminality and all the negativity that Rhode Island politics has become and has been for the past 70 years. I even ran into many Democrats and we were convinced that I should be their Senator.

I also measured what was happening on the street by the amount of front lawns that I was thrown off.

In exactly 7 months of campaigning I was thrown off of maybe four front lawns. Well this doesn’t seem like much, but I’ve always been able to read people and situations, it’s a skill that has worked out well for me both in conflict and in business. So that night of the conclusion of the election I felt very confident that things were gonna work out for me and my other fellow Republicans.

In fact, over the course of the previous seven months I very rarely saw my opponent or even ever heard of her actually going out and meeting anybody. This had been repeated to me time and time again. I found it odd, but since this was only my second time in a campaign, I didn’t really perceive that this might be a big deal.

It was only after being declared the winner by several prominent media organizations and winning in double digits in every single precinct including my opponents home, I felt it was a job well done. The next morning the media told a different story, that mail ballots in the middle of the night had turned the day.

It would seem for the last two years Rhode Island opted for the status quo, which really wasn’t considering things have gotten markedly worse for the average citizen, or did something else happen? Did citizens really get what they wanted, or were the scales tipped?

We know that Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea removed the security provisions from mail in ballots. We know that the State of Rhode Island was taken to the Supreme Court of the United States where the case was not heard because the event had not taken place and there was no “aggrieved party“. So all said and done this seem to be the end of it. Was removing the security provisions from mail in ballots part of a bigger conspiracy?

So a couple of days ago after hearing much hype, I watched Dinesh Desousa‘s film documentary “2000 Mules”. I walked away thinking every single American should watch this film even if it’s to disprove it because if it’s true, America is not America anymore, there are no winners and losers only predetermined outcomes.

It would mean that every single thing that we are told from grade school about America is a complete and total lie. If this is true, we need change and the perpetrators of this massive crime against every American citizen must be brought to justice with penalties so severe that the idea of disrupting Americas democratic process is to unthinkable to even try. Everybody needs to watch “2000 Mules’ and draw your conclusions.

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