The Folly of the 2017 Session

The progressive agenda is an assault on the human workplace. Indeed, the Ocean State is engaged in a battle of visions. The progressive agenda is transforming our home state – right before our eyes – into an anti-human-work hell. Their goal is to make a place where businesses face onerous regulatory and financial burdens, where worker attendance and productivity are compromised or replaced by automation, and where Rhode Island becomes a less attractive place for employers.
The folly of the whole 2017 session is the spin by misguided political leaders who claim success. Unless one believes that advancing anti-work, progressive values is a good thing, the 2017 legislative session, with its proposed 2018 budget, should not be fully enacted. Therefore, the Speaker and the Senate President are encouraged to #JustStayHome this summer and fall and officially close this destructive legislative session… so they do not inflict more damage on our state’s workforce.
With the breakdown of the General Assembly session during the 2018 budget battle, the people of Rhode Island are the temporary winners. Apparently, the only way to stop the union-progressive policy tide from further drowning families, businesses and taxpayers is for Washington, D.C.-style drama to take hold in our Ocean State: in-party fighting, distrust … lack of communication among the chambers, and insider leaks. This is real news … where is CNN or Fox News?
However, we believe that we will see the progressive vision return next session. Rhode Island is saddled with the 50th ranked business climate, 48th on the Jobs & Opportunity Index (JOI), and 45th on the Family Prosperity Index (FPI). Contrast the regressive/progressive vision with a positive, merit-based, market-friendly and pro-family vision of success and achievement. Rhode Island can be a place where more people realize a better quality of life, because more and better businesses are free to create more and better jobs so that more of our people can engage in meaningful, soul-fulfilling work.
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