The GOV’T Got EVERTHING Wrong About Covid-19

The below content is from a February 23 Tweet by @justin_hart – with over 1 million Views and 6500+ Retweets . WATCH our March 1 In The Dugout podcast when Dr. Andrew Bostom join Sten to discuss this comedy of errors:


To repeat. They. Got. EVERYTHING.

  • Wrong. Transmission of the disease—wrong
  • Asymptomatic spread—wrong • PCR testing—wrong
  • Fatality rate—wrong
  • Lockdowns—wrong
  • Community triggers—wrong
  • Business closures—wrong
  • School closures—wrong
  • Quarantining healthy people—wrong • Impact on youth—wrong
  • Hospital overload—wrong
  • Plexiglass barriers—wrong
  • Social distancing—wrong
  • Outdoor spread—wrong • Masks—wrong
  • Variant impact—wrong
  • Natural immunity—wrong
  • Vaccine efficacy—wrong
  • Vaccine injury—wrong

Did they get a SINGLE thing right?


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