The Left’s War on Children

What are we doing to our children?

The leaked news that the Supreme Court may be about to overturn its controversial 1973 Roe v. Wade decision has sent political shock waves across America. It’s also given new life to the left’s faux trope about “the right’s war on women.”

But if we take a step back and take an honest look at the bigger picture, the real war being waged in America is the left’s war against our own children.

Have we fully considered how many of our children will be able to survive the life-altering gauntlet that the left has put in front of them?

It was the phraseology in President Joe Biden’s recent comment about women having the right to choose to “abort a child” that crystalized this thought process in my mind.

For children, not being aborted is only the first obstacle in the left’s gauntlet. Just think about it:

—Even if children survive by not being aborted in the womb, or, as some extremists from the left have proposed, being aborted up to a few weeks after birth …

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