The Progressive Vision: $6,000,000,000 in New Costs to RI Families & Businesses

The progressive agenda is an assault on the human workplace. Indeed, Rhode Island is engaged in a battle of ideas. The progressive vision is transforming the Ocean State, right before our eyes, into an anti-human-work hell. Their goal is to make our home state into a place where businesses face onerous regulatory and financial burdens. The progressive nightmare would transform RI into a place where worker attendance and productivity are compromised or replaced by automation. Rhode Island would become an event less attractive place for employers. Your family deserves so much better.
The Center has identified potential increased costs of $6 BILLION per year that would be heaped upon our state’s families and businesses – via tax hikes, higher ratepayer fees, and new employer mandates – if just 15 bills that are now on a path in the General Assembly were taken up again in future years and became law. Such added government-imposed burdens would run counter to productive reforms in other states … and would create new barriers to job creation, while reducing disposable income for virtually every Rhode Islander.
Already suffering from a serious out-migration problem in our state, taxpayers, residents, and business owners should be alarmed that the wave of intrusive bills introduced in 2017 … in the areas of healthcare, business regulation, energy, and education … would likely sweep away even more Rhode Islanders into other states. The most onerous piece of legislation is a proposed single-payer healthcare system, sponsored by progressive-Democrat activist Representative Aaron Regunberg. In ceding management of the state’s entire healthcare insurance to an overly politicized and incompetent government bureaucracy, this one piece of legislation alone would heap about $5,403,000,000 per year in new costs on taxpayers.
In closing, there are better answers than the progressive nightmare for Rhode Island. How many of us would say that the status quo is making anything easier on the average family? For too long, the political elites have thought they’ve known how to better run your life than you do. I encourage you to speak out against the insiders who want further their own agenda, while your family is kept out of the process. Things can change here in the Ocean State, but it is up to each of us to make sure that it happens.
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