There are Better Solutions Than Rhode Island’s Status Quo Public Policy Environment

Does anyone trust that an elite cabal of political cronies should centrally engineer our economy? Or do we place more trust in the great people of Rhode Island to be able to unleash their suppressed capacity in a fair and free-market economy, via major tax and regulatory reductions across the board? The top down ideas being presented in the upcoming election would be harmful to our state. It is up to voters to decide for themselves if Rhode Island will be a place where our families can prosper.

There are many examples. We have proven in our Freedom Index that the status quo is moving our state in the wrong direction. Led by Rep. Patricia Morgan and Sen. Elaine Morgan, only 11 of 113 lawmakers earned positive scores on our 2016 Freedom Index. The Sheeple Index, released in partnership with WatchdogRI, shows that there is a dangerous pattern of lawmakers blindly following the leader. Your family deserves better.

The tone-deaf RhodeMap RI agenda wants to micromanage our communities. The Brookings report recommends that we can achieve better results if, instead of taking the arbitrary approach to 38 Studios-style corporate cronyism that has dominated Rhode Island public policy for decades, we take the same approach in a more targeted and strategic manner. Nonsense. Everyday Rhode Islanders who do not fit the model are left paying more in taxes while insiders receive special tax incentives and other breaks.

In closing, there are better solutions than the status quo public policy environment in RI. If only lawmakers and voters were to realize that the culture of considering only the material needs of individuals has been harmful to the family unit, we could restore prosperity to our state. Your voice is powerful, and can change things in Rhode Island. It time to make things easier for our families. I encourage you to speak out, often and loudly, on the issues that affect your family. It is time for the big government thinking on Smith Hill to change, and for our families to come first.

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