To Join or Not? Public Workers Have A Choice

At the Center, we believe that public workers deserve to know that they now have full freedom to decide whether or not it is in their best interest to pay union dues. That if they choose not to pay, these employees cannot be recriminated against by corrupt union officials. Government workers around the country and in Rhode Island now have the choice about the best interests of their families when it comes to being members of the unions. In an effort to educate people about the newly restored Janus rights, we have launched On this website, you can find information about what the Janus ruling means.

The Supreme Court has decided that because it is their pay, union membership – or not – is rightfully the say of every public worker…especially when workers may disagree with their union’s political advocacy, which is paid for with their dues money.

Case in point is Michelle, a municipal employee in the Ocean State, who opted-out days after the Janus ruling and who said: “I don’t understand why some of my friends continue to pay their dues despite their political views being completely opposite of what the union supports.”

I encourage you to go to the website now by clicking here. If you know a government worker who doesn’t agree with the political agenda of their union, please share this post with them.

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