Travis Rowley: Do You Know What You’re Talking About?

The Left’s Universe of Lies
So, it has been eight years since I penned a column that informed readers that they simply can’t trust the illiberal to attain the truth.

People with totalitarian tendencies, even when eventually attempting to sincerely convey honest thoughts, have already been too debased. Too intellectually depraved. Too much groupthink. For too long.

How could the politically correct possibly have a firm grip on the issues of the day?

A drift into oblivion was always going to be the natural result of an elitist decision to ban speech liberals considered offensive. It crafted for them a decrepit political culture rooted in anti-intellectualism.

Millions of moralists stewing in a universe of lies – one of the most damaging being a belief in their own ethical and intellectual superiority.

That certainly doesn’t help.

Today, it’s no wonder we are confronted by a major political party that openly advances policies that were considered by all to be tantamount to madness only a short time ago. Think socialism, anti-capitalism, open borders, anti-white racism, national shame, full term abortion on demand, endorsed political violence, and boys being welcomed into the girls’ locker rooms.

It’s not a trivial issue – that is, who we trust to provide us with political information.

Our teachers? Or our parents?

Our professors? Or the Church?

The mainstream press? Or talk radio?

Twitter? Or the Dark Web?

Now, playing off several recent studies that demonstrate Democrats’ detachment from reality (hardly the first studies to reveal this), I now offer up this 4-minute video that buttresses what I was trying to say eight years ago.

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