Travis Rowley: The Pathological Lie of the Rhode Island Left

Moral Decay Leads To Grave Error

Democrats – the party of big government solutions; the party of liberalism; the party that has steered Ocean State policy for decades – have convinced themselves that Rhode Island’s economic misery and political turmoil is a result of, get this, Conservatism.

That’s right.

Listen closely to the rhetoric of the Rhode Island Left and you’ll often hear this familiar nonsense:

“It’s time to bring progressive change to a historically conservative blue state.”

Those are the words of Dr. Luis Daniel Muñoz, a progressive Democrat running for Governor, echoing the same sophistry as former Gov. Lincoln Chafee.

That’s right. According to these dug-in Democrats, Rhode Island has never delivered on the progressive promise. The State doesn’t tax enough. Doesn’t spend enough. And doesn’t grant enough power to organized labor.

You might think that the State’s high tax structure, historical devotion to union influence, and its $13 Billion annual budget were simply the results of Rhode Island Democrats upholding the Democratic reputation.

But you’d be wrong. Those taxes, you must understand, just sort of raised themselves. It was Conservatism! Clearly the philosophy of limited government reigns here in the Ocean State, and has obviously delivered Rhode Island to this point of disrepair.

That’s the pathological mindset that morally licenses liberals to escape self-reflection and instead remain ideologically committed to their Utopian vision – providing them no reason to ever question themselves. No cause for any humility or doubt. No reason to consider that their freedom-focusing Republican counterparts might have had something valuable to say for the past 80 years.

So progressives can continue their ever leftward push upon the Democratic Party.

At some point, you might have found yourself wondering exactly how the Democratic Party became so radical. Well, you’re looking at the answer right now – Moral Corruption. Lies.

In this case, their own fabrication of an absolute absurdity and their subsequent belief in their own creation.

Liberalism isn’t merely a set of beliefs. It’s also a political culture accompanied by its own set of shallow ethics.

Committed leftists are infamous for excusing the failure of communist states by arguing that it wasn’t true communism that was ever implemented. The Rhode Island Left mirrors this stubborn delusion by claiming that decades of statist implementation and government growth somehow represents a refusal of mainstream Democrats to ever be progressive enough – that the party of the Left has always been the party of the Right.

That’s the absurd lie Democrats would have everyone believe. Just as they believe it.

That’s all for today.

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