WATCH: “Right Docs” Plead with Americans and Medical Community to STOP THE SHOTS

RIGHT DOCS OF HISTORY demand CEASE FIRE of POISON DEATH SHOTS in Ukraine, Russia, and every country in the world. Ban The Poison Stop The Shots!

Right Docs Of History member names in order of appearance in video:
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
At 15 seconds is Dr. Bryan Ardis
At 20 seconds is Dr. Lee Merritt
At 46 seconds is Dr. Ben Marble
At 51 seconds is Dr. Michael Uphues
At 53 seconds is Dr. Erin Greer
At 54 seconds is Dr. Anthony
At 1:10 is Dr. Mary Bowden
At 1:14 is Dr. Sally Priester
At 2:50 is Dr. Jane Ruby…
At 3:30 is Dr. Chris Shoemaker
At 4:40 is Dr. Karladine Graves
At 6:30 is Dr. Deb Viglione
At 7:30 is Dr. Jim Thorp
At 8:30 is Dr. Angelina Farella
At 9:15 is Dr. Mollie James connecting the dots…
At 10:45 is Dr. Michael Uphues

#StopTheShots #BanThePoison
Our RIGHT DOCS OF HISTORY Rumble channel is here

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