What’s in… What’s out…10/11/19

What’s in…

1. It’s  the Columbus Day Festival everyone! The Federal Hill Commerce  Association is kicking off the festival on Saturday, October 12, 2019, with an opening ceremony  in DePasquale Plaza at 12 noon.  The annual Columbus Day parade will be Sunday at 11:00 a.m. 

The Federal Hill Commerce Association is celebrating the 28th Annual Columbus Day Festival on historic Federal Hill from October 12-14, 2019. The Association is pleased to announce this year’s festival will feature three entertainment stages each day. Additionally, dozens of food and retail vendors, the annual parade, games and amusement rides will line Atwells Avenue.

Don’t forget to try the Veal Parmesan sandwiches and the cannoli.

2. The Scituate Art Festival.  One of the most anticipated events is happening this weekend from Saturday, October 12–14th!  The Scituate Art Festival is a Rhode Island tradition over the Columbus Day weekend.  The art festival will feature 200 art and craft exhibitors, select antique vendors, a food court serving regional specialties, and entertainment.

3. The Prince of Providence.  The stage play about Buddy Cianci at Trinity Repertory theater is a hit! Who would have thought that the book written by former Providence Journal reporter Mike Stanton would be a play and maybe a movie someday?  Well, anyone who knew Buddy Cianci knew it!  Buddy’s life was like a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs, turns and twists and always a thrill! Whether you liked him or hated him, you have to admit he knew how to draw a crowd.  Even in death, he is still getting an audience.  Those of us who knew him and worked for him remember that Buddy could always put on a show.  So, it’s no surprise he is still entertaining in Providence with this production. And yes, I do think he’d be happy to be getting all this attention!

What’s out…

1. The Mattiello campaign investigation.  In what appears to be another investigation by state authorities, certain individuals have been subpoenaed to the grand jury regarding the 2016 campaign mailer supporting the candidacy of Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello. No one seems to know what this is all about, except for the people doing the investigation.  Mattiello spokesperson, Patti Doyle, has said  that they have put this behind them and are moving forward.  Stay tuned to this ongoing story.

2. Fish kill.. Providence.  A city project to repair the Canada Pond Dam is believed to be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of fish in the body of water that sets the line between Providence and North Providence. The city was required to lower the level of water in the pond to make repairs to the dam’s low level outlet.  Such a shame! One has to wonder if this could have been prevented in any.

3. The Matt Lauer saga. The former Today co-host penned a letter that made TV news this week, when he spoke out about his alleged sexual misconduct with a former employee.  Lauer went into descriptive detail of the affair, which he said was consensual.  After telling everyone what kind of sex they had, he also stated that it was an affair that he had with a former work associate and completely consensual.  The alleged victim has had her picture plastered all over the news as well, saying she was raped by Matt Lauer.  In the middle of all this is Lauer’s former wife and children, who have to bear the embarrassment of Lauer’s actions.  He somehow makes it sound that if it’s consensual, it’s okay.  The fact that his actions publicly humiliated his wife and children don’t seem to be a factor for him.  His wife responded through a publicist that she only has the best interests of her beautiful children in mind and no further comment.  What else could she say?  Lauer has said enough.  He should go away now because he really is making himself look worse than before, if that’s possible.

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