RI Sees Largest Year-Over-Year Employment Decline


According to a release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Rhode Island led the nation in employment decline from April 2011 to April 2012.  From March to April of this year, Rhode Island was one of only five states to experienced an increase in unemployment, along with Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey, and Utah.

The month-to-month change also brings RI closer to the top of the unemployment chart, a status that it has avoided thus far.  Rhode Island’s move from 11.1% seasonally adjusted unemployment in March to 11.2% brings the state significantly closer to Nevada, which dropped from 12.0% to 11.7%.  It also expands RI’s lead over California, which dropped from 11.0% to 10.9%.

Looking at Rhode Island’s neighbors — with the three states almost indistinguishable on many maps — Connecticut held at 7.7% unemployment.  Meanwhile, Massachusetts improved from 6.5% to 6.3%.

As the following chart shows, RI’s labor force and employment trends continue the precipitous slide that they began with the new year.

Rhode Island Labor Force and Employment, January 2007 to April 2012

  • clough82

    Is this employment total employment (Private and public) or is this just private employment>

  • justinkatz

    Total employment, from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Len Lardaro

    If you have been following what the DLT said last month for the Revenue Estimating Conference, you then realize that all of the numbers and rankings in this story are incorrect. Trust me, I dealt with that data before becoming informed of the divergence — employment is actually rising not falling! If you want to read more about this, let me refer you to my Blog: http://rieconomy.blogspot.com .

  • Paul Marshall

    RI is a disaster. 70 years of democRAT rule and THIS is what we're left with.
    Roads that damage your car. Schemers and scum of every description (most in the statehouse). A "Village Idiot" as governor. Felons on the radio considered "authorities". "Snowbirds" who game the system. Union thugs that steal every election. A shrinking population. All our institutions under attack by psychotic liberals of every stripe.
    Wake up. Stop voting democRAT.

  • justinkatz

    Professor Lardaro,

    Unless I'm misunderstanding what has happened, you're significantly overstating things by saying that "all of the numbers and rankings in this story are incorrect." Especially with the rankings, "may be" would be more accurate, subject to revisions to be unveiled next year (conveniently after the election).

    But that's always the case. Many of the historical charts on local unemployment show sharp adjustments up and down, and we can only comment on what's known at the time.

    Frankly, I'm not willing to withhold all commentary on these matters until next year, when there are numbers available for public scrutiny.