Watchlist for the Freedom Index


It seemed a bit unfair to have a secret list of bills that we’re watching with the intention of scoring legislators for their votes without making the list public before most of the votes have been cast, so the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity has released its preliminary watchlist for legislation.

Since it’s preliminary, the list doesn’t include the weighting that we initially believe each bill would merit, just whether we take it to be positive or negative.  Once the session is over, we’ll collect the bills that receive floor votes and have a panel of local folks who more or less share our general principles and priorities to come up with final scores.

One high-profile bill on the list is scheduled for a vote today: the one on the National Popular Vote movement.  Andrew’s recent post has a good explanation of why free-market, small-government conservative types might be inclined to think it a bad idea, and indeed it is shaded red on the watchlist (and is likely to be weighted rather heavily).