03/21/12 – Meals Tax Tea Party


Today, the Rhode Island Hospitality Association teamed with the RI Tea Party and the RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity to protest Governor Chafee’s proposal to raise the meals and beverage tax in the state to 10%.  The protestors gathered at 1:00 p.m. in front of the State House and marched to Water Place Park, where they threw a symbolic bag of tea into the water at low tide (all made more symbolic, some might suggest, by the fact that environmental restrictions required the tea to be put into a plastic bag and connected to a 50′ rope so that it could be pulled out when the show was over).

For video of the speeches, click here.


Frank Daly, RI Tea Party


Helen Glover, 920 WHJJ

Leonidas Raptakis, former RI Senator

Dale Venturini, RI Hospitality Association

Michael Stenhouse, RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity

Susan Wynne, RI Tea Party