A Quick Thought on Controlling Healthcare Costs


Rhode Island Hospital is apparently “eliminating nearly 200 positions and shutting down an early intervention program for developmentally disabled children” due to budget constraints.  My first hypothesis would be to blame this on ObamaCare and Rhode Island’s embrace of both the health benefits exchange and the Medicaid expansion, but I don’t have the time to become as intimately familiar with the specifics of this decision to prove it.

However, I would suggest that anybody who thinks the loss of these jobs and services is a terrible development should remember that Governor Raimondo’s strategy for bringing down costs is to impose a cap on healthcare spending within the whole state.

People who prefer top-down planning by the government tend to believe that the plans will always include the things they treasure or prioritize, and of course the central planners are happy to let people believe that… until it stops being true.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Rhode Island Hospital is a part of the Life·Scam Life·Span® Network … the largest private employer in Li’l Rhody. So this news should be alarming to anyone with a finger on this State’s economic pulse, so to speak

    This is not the “canary in a mine” … it is more like the guy on the deck of the Titanic who said
    … ” I know I asked for ice … but this is *ridiculous* !!! “