Another Bizarre Press Release from a Candidate


Let’s take it as written that I’m no P.C. softy seeking to avoid controversial positions or bend to the identity politics mobs.  Even so, I’m scratching my head that independent candidate for governor Joe Trillo would think it worthwhile to send out a press release attacking Starbucks for caving to left-wing pressure in Philadelphia:

“On three different occasions police officers, called by store management, asked the two males to leave the location because they were trespassing.  When the men refused requests to leave, they were arrested.  That’s the way it goes.  If two white men were arrested for refusing an officer’s instructions to leave, we would not be learning of this story,” Trillo said.

“I am so sick of hearing people scream the word racism every time a minority gets arrested for something unlawful.  Sorry folks, if you’re asked to leave a business’s premises, you leave.  It’s not racism, it’s what happens when you break the law,” he added.

And the relevance to Rhode Island is… what?  What would he do, as governor, to combat the scourge of liberal companies’ caving to pressure from liberal activists?  Or is he treating his run mainly as an opportunity to play pundit?

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That explanation is as good as any other, at this point.  In a press release from earlier in the week, Trillo insists:

Today, I’d like to officially and publicly set the record straight:

  • I did NOT get in this race as a spoiler or to help Gina Raimondo win.
  • I am NOT working with Gina Raimondo or “providing her with talking points to use against Allan Fung.
  • I am NOT running to get my step-daughter a job.
  • I am NOT going to back out of this race!

That would have been a good moment to pivot and explain why he is running; instead, he focused entirely on wanting to beat Fung and Raimondo.  But why?

In earlier press releases, he’s said he wants to “change the status quo,” but that’s an objective subject to multiple interpretations.  If any of those interpretations fit very well with his declaration that the Rhode Island GOP would have “blood on its hands” if it knocked Speaker Nicholas Mattiello out of the General Assembly, I’m not seeing it.

  • ShannonEntropy

    Not really a head-scratcher… Trillo “doth protest too much” [ that’s a quote from Hamlet III.2 ]

    By staking out such a far-Right position in far-Left Li’l Rhody, he is clearly trying to appeal to the 39% of Rhodent voters who voted for Trump in ’16

    If he can get a sizeable portion of them, he will split the otherwise Fung voters and insure Gina gets re-elected… and get his step-daughter that judge’s job as a reward from Gina, which he if actually got elected he couldn’t appoint her to cuz of ‘nepotism’

    He will do to Allan what Ross Perot did to GHWB in ’96 or Nader did to Al Gore in 2000. You may recall that Ralph stole over ~ 94,500 votes from Gore in FL, which GWB won by ~ 540 votes, winning W the election

    Thanx, Joe Trillo, for actually spelling out your master-mind plan in that press release. Up til then, I wasn’t even aware of your step-daughter’s role in all this


      Disregarding the lack of context and just given the statement, when did adherence to the rule of law become “far right”?

      • ShannonEntropy

        Caving to a person’s social or legal demands purely cuz of the color of their skin is far Left. Insisting that “Equal Justice Under Law” applies to every individual is far Right … Duh !!!

        • OINBIPAGA

          All law-abiding Americans are therefore “far right”? Little wonder there is no center…

          • ShannonEntropy

            No … the “Center” is quite sizeable and consists of the masses of “Sheeple” who wake up every two yrs and march zombie-like down to the polls to re-elect all the corrupt incumbents

            Bet you a Fourbucks® mocha latte that every incumbent running will win by double-digits cept for Gina natch — she is so unpopular that she will barely eke out another plurality victory. But as they say, a win is a win cept when the real losers are the people

  • Merle The Monster

    And the relevance to Rhode Island is what? asks the guy who works for an outfit that uses the word “Freedom “ in its name yet doesn’t see any freedoms being infringed. For him it is only a political calculation. Relevance to RI? Are there no Starbucks in this state? Is policing and racial profiling not relevant here as it is in the rest of the country? Do the rights of minority members matter to the proponents of property rights and free enterprise? I suspect your idea of freedom is more about the wealthy being free of any restraints at all.
    I agree that Trillo is an obstacle for your group and its agenda though. Another commentator is right that unfortunately there are voters in RI that will vote for him. Trillo and the content of his remarks concerns me as does your lack of concern for the rights of all of us as is evident by your first sentence.