Another Day, Another New Fee in the Budget


Here’s an-easy-to-have-missed tidbit on the Raimondo nickel-and-diming front:

To help buy and maintain new DMV technology, Gov. Gina Raimondo’s budget plan for next year proposes hiking the $1.50 “technology surcharge” on DMV transactions to $2.50 and making it permanent. (The fee was slated to sunset in 2022.)

What the budget doesn’t mention, but Raimondo administration officials acknowledged this week, is that in addition to increasing the size of the fee, the DMV hopes to start charging it to vehicle owners when they have to take their cars in for mandatory safety and emissions inspections every two years.

These fees may seem small, but when you’re hit with them every time you take a breath, they add up. And when new fees are constantly added to cover that which was supposed to be covered under other fees or taxes, we should ask where all the money is going.

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  • Rhett Hardwick

    Where did you find a picture of a SAAB Sonnet to illustrate this post?

    • Justin Katz

      Out behind a mechanic’s shop (or something) located next door to an indoor sports complex in Warwick.

  • D. S. Crockett

    The readers may be interested in my recent visit to the DMV for the purpose of transferring license plates. Four different lines which were traversed in 2 and one-half hours. Honestly, this process could have been easily done on line. The DMV as well as other state departments exist only for the benefit of the insiders that is the friends and relatives of the executive and legislative branches. More fees, the answer should be – hell no!