Another Indication of the Private-Sector Solution for RI


Here’s another interesting tidbit from Ted Nesi’s “Notes” today:

Like many, [Newport-and-Cambridge start-up Dockwa CEO Mike Melillo] wishes Rhode Island could take better advantage of its proximity to thriving Boston. “The distance between Palo Alto and San Francisco is the same time as it is between Boston and Providence,” Melillo said. “Yet none of the companies that ship their employees from Palo Alto to San Francisco do that from Boston to Providence. … I think there’s an incredible opportunity.” Nokes, too, thinks Rhode Island isn’t tapping its full potential. “There’s really no reason why a state as small as we are, with the potential efficiencies that we could have, that we have such high overhead and such low rankings on ease of doing business,” he said.

Cut red tape, reduce regulations, eliminate mandates, and lower taxes.  I’ve recently heard a complaint that I don’t offer detailed policy suggestions to counter all of the junk that elected officials in Rhode Island pile on us every year, but the details are irrelevant until we’ve decided to turn the corner.  The basic policies aren’t difficult.  This isn’t rocket science… or even slip mooring rental, which is the apparently complicated problem that Dockwa seeks to resolve.