AP Spins Christmas and Violence for Partisan Point


Let’s just say that I’m no prude when it comes to observing media bias, but this AP article by 

It was a subdued Christmas Eve in the historic birthplace of Jesus on Sunday, with spirits dampened by recent violence sparked by President Donald Trump’s recognition of nearby Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Crowds were thinner than previous years, with visitors deterred by clashes that have broken out in recent weeks between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces. Although there was no violence Sunday, Palestinian officials scaled back the celebrations in protest. Cool weather, and a rainy forecast, also weighed on the holiday cheer.

Reading the article, you’d almost think that the Palestinians are a majority Christian people.  You’d also think that they had no human agency and couldn’t help but react to the actions of an American president.

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Pay particular attention to this quotation from the mayor of Bethlehem:

“We decided to limit the Christmas celebrations to the religious rituals as an expression of rejection and anger and sympathy with the victims who fell in the recent protests,” he said.

Objectively stated, the story is this:  The government of a majority-Muslim city in which the mayor and deputy mayor are required to be Christian (one Roman Catholic and one Eastern Orthodox) restricted Christmas celebrations as a headline-capturing protest.  Reading further, one sees that their anger is mainly over their desire to claim Jerusalem uniquely as the capital of a Palestinian nation that could have been created years ago but for the intransigent of Palestinian leaders.  (The article, by the way, doesn’t mention that moving the embassy to Jerusalem has been a bipartisan promise that has somehow never been fulfilled, until now.)

In short, the AP journalists are merely passing along propaganda as news.  Shame on the Providence Journal for playing along.