Branding the Rhode Island Herd


In March, Rhode Island’s new governor, Democrat Gina Raimondo, announced herWAVE initiative to turn the state’s economy around through Workforce development,Advanced industries and innovation, Visitor attraction, and Enterprise expansion and recruitment.  Generally the marketing piece might appear to be the most mundane, in a “well, whatever” kind of way, but it might provide a lesson to help residents understand what their government is actually doing.

Lesson one is that emphasis on marketing can be evidence that leaders cannot or will not fix problems within their organization or with its activities.  Lesson 2 is that an organization can only have one “compelling,” unified brand, making it fundamentally incompatible with freedom as Americans have historically understood it.

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  • ShannonEntropy

    That Tax Rate Tavle over on doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story

    As you and faithful followers here are no doubt aware, Li’l Rhody has the *worst* overall business climate in the country =►

    And why bother touting what a wonderful place we have here, what with the nice beaches and Taylor Swift and all … this is also the *worst* place to retire in the entire US of A … worse than Detroit, Mississippi, or Compton =►

    p.s. did you hear that the movie Straight Outta Compton was never actually shown in Compton ?? That’s cuz the place is so impoverished there’s no movie theater there !!