California Lessons for Central Planners


Victor Davis Hanson’s suggestions for California would be well taken by big-government types across the country, particularly in Rhode Island:

What are the lessons for the nation from these random glimpses of 21st-century California? Fix premodern problems before dreaming about postmodern solutions. Loudly virtue-signaling about addressing misdemeanors does not excuse quietly ignoring felonies.

Learn how an entire culture is fed, housed and fueled before faulting those who address such needs. …

Remember that voting progressively in the abstract does not automatically translate into living progressively in the concrete.

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I’d modify the one about learning how a culture is “fed, housed and fueled,” however.  Hanson is referring to government attacks on the private sector, and while the people who would centrally plan our society should certainly strive to understand how it works, we should all prefer that their conclusion is that they shouldn’t attempt to manage it closely in the first place.