Early Successes of the Trump Presidency


Earlier today, I was thrilled to discover that the partisans at Politico had developed a reinvigorated concern for the national debt.  It was a reminder that, just walking in the door as a Republican, Donald Trump brings a whole series of improvements to the national civic environment.

In that vein, a lunchtime Facebook post by progressive Phil Eil is the stuff of pure glee:

PSA: Amazon sells pocket copies of the Constitution for $1. I bought a bunch and handed out copies to my students yesterday.

I don’t know how many copies of that very printing I have tucked in corners and forgotten in bags, having collected them at rallies and the like over recent years, and here we have a progressive (journalist and college professor instructor) handing them out as if he were a Tea Party type.  And Trump hasn’t even been sworn in, yet!

How can one not be optimistic about that turn of events — especially in contrast to the persecution of the “sexist” and assault on the civil rights of conservatives (without progressive or media objection) that was surely in store for us had Hillary Clinton won?  As I commented to Phil’s post, the next thing you know, progressives will be organizing public readings of the Declaration on Independence Day.

To be sure, Donald Trump can squander even that initial benefit, but should that day come, progressives can expect that (unlike them, when roles were reversed) conservatives will work to stop the pendulum from swinging to the point that they’ll have to laugh scornfully when they get to the parts about “he has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public Good” and “has excited domestic Insurrections amongst us” as we have had to do under King Obama.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    I still remember that 4-5 years ago the Bristol Parade Committee tried to have the Bristol Police arrest someone for passing out copies at the parade. To their credit, the Bristol police refused.

  • Joe Smith

    Geez.. maybe the question – “where in the (US or state) constitution does it allow for “X”” will come back in favor..