Elorza’s Continuing Aggression Toward the First Amendment


It’s really no surprise that Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza is among the showboating progressive politicians banning official travel to states, like Mississippi, that take steps to protect their residents’ religious liberty:

Mayor Jorge O. Elorza says he’ll ban “nonessential, publicly funded travel” to North Carolina and Mississippi, after governors in those states signed laws he believes discriminate against the LGBT community.

After all, among various other more-debatable examples, Elorza is the same guy who argued that public schools can establish the religious principle that there is no God and promised to prosecute the distribution of anonymous literature.  No doubt, a good number of people would argue that Elorza is doing many things wrong, as mayor, but one fundamental principle on which he fails conspicuously is the First Amendment.  Visitors, businesses, and voters should take notice.

P.S. — On all of these matters, shame on journalists who prove that they don’t support the First Amendment, either, except when it’s politically convenient for them to do so.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Whatever became of the supposed principles that “the states are the laboratories of democracy”? Wasn’t it the desire to punish other states that gave us our Civil War?