Enhancing Votes with Non-voters


While I’m on the topic of electoral integrity, here’s a peripheral story worth keeping on the radar:

A Supreme Court case being argued Tuesday threatens to diminish Latinos’ clout and benefit white, rural voters.

Two voters in Texas are asking the court to order a drastic change in the way Texas and every other state divides their electoral districts. Rather than basing the maps on total population, including non-citizens and children who aren’t old enough to vote, states must count only people who are eligible to vote, the challengers say. They argue that change is needed to carry out the true meaning of the principle of one person, one vote.

Naturally, journalists and activists have to make this all about race and ethnicity, because that’s how they think — as racists do.  That perspective does, however, shed an interesting light on the urge to keep up the flow of low-income, poorly educated immigrants to urban areas.  Even if they can’t vote, they effectively increase the weight of their neighbors’ votes.