Everybody Wants a Snow Day


The last paragraph of a short Ted Nesi about Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo’s decision not to declare a state of emergency during last week’s snow storm caught my eye because it gets to a detrimental tendency in Rhode Islanders’ political philosophy:

The governor’s decision did not sit well with some residents. A number of commenters on WPRI 12’s Facebook page argued she should declare a state of emergency, with some suggesting it was the only way their family’s employers would allow them to stay home during the storm.

Folks, giving you days off isn’t the role of state government.  If there’s an actual state of emergency, we allow exceptions to the presumption of liberty, but it shouldn’t be merely a technicality that allows the state to take de facto management rights of every private business.

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If your boss is forcing you to take unreasonable risks in the course of your employment, take it up with him or her… or find a new boss.  Don’t change the very nature of our government in order to go over your boss’s head.