Evidence of an “I Got Mine” Mindset


Let’s be clear that this guy should not be considered representative of either law enforcement or welfare recipients:

A Rhode Island deputy sheriff, who was praised as a hero in 2015 for saving the lives of two women, has been arrested for fraudulently collecting more than $12,000 worth of food stamps, according to the Rhode Island State Police.

Edward Cooper Jr., 49, of 78 Commodore St., Providence, obtained the food stamps while collecting a tax-free salary because of a job-related injury, the state police said.

It’s reasonable to suggest, though, that some people tend toward a mindset of taking what they can, or even of entitlement.  It’s also reasonable to wonder whether government occupations and programs are an especial lure for such people.

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The “I got mine” mindset isn’t a healthy one for the individual nor a just one for the community, so we should keep an eye out that we’re not creating incentives for it.  Rhode Island clearly has such incentives.

  • Monique Chartier

    And, of course, this raises huge red flags about the safeguards – or lack thereof – against abuse and fraud in social programs that the Executive Branch supposedly has in place. The governor needs to be a lot more protective of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars than seems to have happened here.

    • guest

      Uh, it there weren’t safeguards, he wouldn’t have been caught.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    So many old canards come to mind “if it can be done, it will be done”, “where there is a will, there is a way”. No system of safeguards will ever prevent all of this. The only thing that would work is a greater understanding of honesty, so that the perpetrator would fear the approbation of his colleagues,, or worse, that they would rat him. I understand that the reason Japanese crime is so low is that everyone “watches out” and are willing to drop a dime.