Government’s Taking Children Based on Flawed Test Is a Warning Sign


As we consider empowering law enforcement and judges to infringe on Constitutional rights based on things they think people might do in the future, and as we hear of parents’ losing custody of their children because the government has decided to enforce transgender ideology as law, and as progressives continue to push for socialized medicine despite British illustrations of what that means for parents’ rights, we must pay careful attention to warning signs like this:

Whiteman’s situation was not an isolated error but part of a scandal ripping through the Canadian child welfare system. The injustice was put in sharper focus this week with an independent commission report showing more than 50 custody cases like Whiteman’s were tainted by flawed drug and alcohol testing from the same Toronto lab. …

The commission found the lab’s testing did not meet international forensic standards and test results were “frequently misinterpreted.” Looking specifically at 1,271 cases handled by the lab between 1990 and 2015 in Ontario, the commission determined Motherisk’s flawed testing played a critical role in 56 cases.

… the commission was blunt about the irreparable damage done. Many of the children who were uprooted based on the tests are now in new living situations. Some have even been adopted. So far, children have been reunited with parents in only four instances, according to the Star.

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As we come to put all-consuming faith in testing and planning and government’s ability to fix every problem, we may find ourselves in a nightmare that used to be only imaginable to novelists.