Hey, Boy Scouts of America: Isn’t the Pattern Clear?


The Boy Scouts of America — and every organization founded in traditional values, especially those that just want to be left alone to do good in the world — really needs to learn the lesson quick:

After many years of divisiveness, the Boy Scouts of America have opened their ranks to gay and transgender boys. Yet a different membership dispute persists: a long-shot campaign to let girls join the BSA so they have a chance to earn the prestigious status of Eagle Scout.

It’s right there in the name of “progressivism.” Every step you let them take is just a step toward total capitulation.  In this case, the push to accommodate girls who really believe that they’re boys was another step toward the elimination of any distinctions.  In the end, there can be no institution remaining that seeks to help boys to be boys as boys.

Nobody wants to talk about it, but every boundary knocked down to make somebody feel less awkward makes somebody else feel more awkward.  A society has to weigh the claims, yes, but it’s reckless not to acknowledge their existence.

I had two repeated sleep-away-camp experiences as a tween and young teen, Boy Scout camp and a co-ed music camp.  The feel of the two was very different, particularly in the memory, largely because the latter was dominated by the mysteries of being an adolescent spending nights in a building with girls in the next room.

Our society has room — a need, even — for both.  Frankly, looking back, I wish I’d placed greater emphasis on the Boy Scouts than on gathering coming-of-age stories to share with my friends upon returning home from the co-ed camp.

AP writer David Crary calls the girls-in-the-Boy-Scouts push a “long shot,” but this is a well worn road, at this point.  Those bent on demanding that we all believe as they believe will not stop.  Without a great cultural reawakening to maturity, the only real question is whether the organization will someday be the Boy and Girl Scouts of America or will just be destroyed.

  • Raymond Carter

    Even you subtly bought into the propaganda Justin. The admission of Jodi “Joe” Maldonado IS “girls in the Boy Scouts”.