How Can the State Say UHIP Is Catching Ineligibles When They Can’t Issue a Basic Report?


Well, this raises some questions (emphasis added):

[RI House Fiscal leader Sharon Reynolds] Ferland expressed concern about how the troubled rollout of the Unified Health Infrastructure Project (UHIP), the state’s new $364-million computer system for benefits programs, will impact the budget going forward. She said her office has been unable to obtain its usual monthly enrollment reports since just before the system launched in September.

So the human services folks are claiming to be catching people who are ineligible, but they don’t have a total count?  Honestly, how does an improvedly digital system fail to provide reports?  That’s kind of like the key function of digital systems.

One suspects they’ve got reports, but that there are so many cases processed manually (and perhaps with so many adjustments having to be made to the automatic data) that they’ve got to figure out some way to combine their various sources.

What a mess.