How’re the Tolls Doing So Far?


As Larry Gillheeney and Monique Chartier have both already noted, the American Trucking Association has filed a lawsuit against Rhode Island for uniquely targeting its members (and other interstate truck drivers) with tolls.  With this topic in mind the Ocean State Current contacted the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) to check in on how the tolls are performing, thus far.

According to a spokesperson, the available numbers are still rough, in part because they are awaiting verification from the truckers’ home states.  They are also only available for the three weeks from June 11 through June 30.

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During that period, RIDOT reports 133,000 toll transactions.  The spokesperson said the original projection was around 7,300 per day on weekdays and “about half that” on weekends, which would suggest that the actual numbers are beating the projections by about 5,000 tolls during that period.

Of course, two considerations come into play, at this point.  The first is that these were the very first three weeks of tolling, so any truckers who might decide to reroute in the future may not have adjusted their behavior, yet.  The second is that the tolls’ hitting their projected targets isn’t but so significant, given that the fully implemented program will have seven times as many tolls, creating more incentive to divert away from them, and that the judiciary might rule RhodeWorks unconstitutional, as currently structured.

  • Mike678

    Doubtful that the judiciary will declare anything that helps pay their retirement salaries unconstitutional (conflict of interest?) :)

    No–the tolls will stay. What we need to watch–and educate the public on–is the rising cost of goods in RI and surrounding states. This toll will not be paid by the truckers. It will be passed onto the consumer; it is just another indirect tax.

  • Chip

    Will the toll money be used for state employees wages and benefits? RI-making the world safe for the Democratic party to use government employees and their compensation to fund their power structure. Thanks. suckers.