In Rhode Island, Taylor Swift’s Rights Are Our Rights, Too


The headline for a new statewide property tax proposed by Rhode Island’s Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo is that pop star Taylor Swift will be among the hardest hit.

A few years ago, Swift purchased a $17 million mansion on the Ocean State’s coast, which means the governor is looking to cull around $43,000 from the starlet’s fortune.

In its first year, the tax is projected to collect $11.8 million from the accounts of the 2,359 households who own second properties worth over $1 million.  As Raimondo put it during her recent budget address, the tax “asks those among us who are most able, to pay a little more.”  As if to emphasize the point, the tax is not technically imposed as a tax on property, but on the privilege of owning it, which makes the tax even more radical than it appears on its face.

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  • Greg

    Since the leftist among us are not stupid what is the reason they do things like proposing such a tax? Maybe it’s their way of passing the buck the populist way. Tax the rich, hurrah! Joe stupid thinks it’s a great idea. In reality, the rich buy homes in RI only because of the absence of such a tax which is a plus for the local economy (a basic industry bringing $$$ into little o’l Rhody). Impose the tax and the $$$ will go elsewhere. Of course, by that time Saint Gina is onto a congressional seat. Pathetic person and governance!

  • George from Warwick

    Just for a little historical perspective … the 16th Amendment was also passed with the intention of only “soaking the rich”

    How has *that* worked out for you, America ??