Kilmartin Wants the Cogs to Stay on the Political Gear


The RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity has already responded to a strange press release from Attorney General Peter Kilmartin in which the AG does little but attempt to sow doubt about information helping government employees decide whether they want to remain in their unions.  The most important observation one can make about the press release is that Kilmartin never provides an example of the supposed “misinformation,” or even names the supposed interloper; he’s simply casting shade.

However, the most eye-catching part is probably this:

“If you are contacted about disaffiliating from your public-sector union in the wake of the Janus decision, it is critical that you seek advice either from your union, or from some other reliable source. No worker should rely solely upon any outside group seeking to have the worker waive such a critical right.”

So, this public official’s advice to any employees who have doubts about their unions is to get information from… the unions.  One suspects that information would have a decidedly pro-union tilt, which is clearly what Kilmartin wants.  Take special note of his formulation about “outside groups.”  Implicitly, he’s saying that the unions are “inside groups.” Inside of what?  Well, government.  In his view, they are not essentially the privately run organizations that they actually are; they are part of a team with elected and appointed officials, helping to run government.

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This is how progressives like to structure things.  Every group is represented by some hierarchy, and the leaders communicate and then issue edicts to their constituencies.  The “business community” works through whatever chamber or group government officials wish to select as their voice.  Employees are addressed not as individuals, but as members of their unions.  Even local communities aren’t so much electing representatives to go to Providence and advocate on our behalf as we are electing the people who will represent state government to us.

In this approach, employees aren’t valued individually for their work.  They’re cogs in the unionized machine that does work for government (and cycles taxpayer dollars back into political campaigns).  Those who fancy themselves not to be cogs in a machine should take a look at

  • BasicCaruso

    “Implicitly, he’s saying that the unions are ‘inside groups.’ Inside of what? Well, government.”

    Oh, please. No wonder the AG thinks your group is biased.

    Employer, employee, union… all inside the groups with respective to the contract employees labor under. Right-wing billionaires? Outside group with an outside agenda. #kaching #darkmoney #corporateshill

    The Koch Brothers Were Locked and Loaded for This Week’s Union-Busting Supreme Court Ruling
    They have a whole apparatus trained and ready to finish the job.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      Have you visited the Registry of Motor Vehicles lately?

    • Mike678

      Such a troll…..

    • Merle The Monster

      A fair minded person has to wonder about the campaign that Stenhouse is highlighting recently encouraging public union members to stop paying union dues isn’t funded by the Koch’s octopus political party. Hence the mealy mouth statement denying any involvement but not supplying any concrete evidence. In a way he is very transparent in his obvious mendacity

  • Rhett Hardwick

    “seek advice either from your union, or from some other reliable source. ”

    Oh sure, your union; that will be impartial advice.

    • Mike678

      He’s obviously in the Union pocket. To be so blatant he must be getting real pressure from his masters.

    • Merle The Monster

      The union definitely has a role in educating its members about the Janus ruling and its implications. They also as the legally authorized agent have a responsibility to accurately inform the members of the consequences of their decisions relating to this appalling and unnecessary activist ruling. Supply some kind of evidence instead of your seat of the pants throwaway nonsense. Better than that maybe you should just “go sit down somewhere “.

      • Rhett Hardwick

        I was in a law firm that represented unions, it is not “your seat of the pants throwaway nonsense”

  • Christopher C. Reed

    AG K’s mama didn’t raise no fool. He knows who cuts the cod. (Portuguese saying)