Leaving No Place for the Disagreers


In some ways it’s a familiar story, but for some reason an article titled, “Left-Wing Billionaire Tom Steyer is Back to Buy Another New Hampshire Election f.  or Democrats,” struck me differently:

Since 2014, Billionaire Tom Steyer has dumped buckets of money into the Granite State to buy elections. In 2018 Tom Steyer’s money turned out the illegal college vote for Democrats, and it worked. Democrats won. Well, guess what? He’s back for 2020.

Because it makes a convenient bogeyman, some folks in Rhode Island, and even at the local level, say conservatives in the state have some similar arrangement,  That’s nonsense.  Although a local advocate on some issue or other may find sympathetic support from outside the state, no evil billionaire cares enough about Rhode Island to invest in a sustained effort to flip it from Blue to Red.

But New Hampshire represents something different.  It’s the “Live Free or Die” state — in some ways a last redoubt in New England.  Perhaps that’s what draws Steyer’s eye.

That possibility gives his efforts something of an evangelical feel.  For the most part, conservatives want a place they can call home.  If some New Englad state were the last to be progressive during a massive conservative resurgence, we wouldn’t set our sights on crushing that last haven, I don’t think.

We’d draw contrasts and make arguments, but I don’t think many conservatives would set their mind to eradicating ideas we disagree with by political means.  That’s a very different mindset than ours, and at this point in history, it belongs firmly on the Left.

One can see its reflection all over the place.  It’s in cancel culture.  It’s in identity politics.  It’s in the notion that conservative speech is violence while progressive violence is speech.  It’s coded in the basic difference of philosophy.  Conservatives want to harness natural processes that maintain free-will amidst social cooperation, while progressives want to declare the answer and enforce conformity for our own good.

With that objective, leaving people an escape is intolerable, because overcoming the natural desire to live free of progressive rules requires that no other option seems possible.

  • Lou

    “I don’t think many conservatives would set their mind to eradicating ideas we disagree with by political means. “…That’s pretty funny coming from someone who tried to orchestrate political dirty tricks to undermine your own recall election. That includes blocking a request for legal council from the town elections board, urging locals not to vote and providing witness to questionably truthful testimony to the State Board of Elections without objection.

  • Christopher C. Reed

    “Progressivism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be making a decision you disapprove of—and the fervent use of government power to prevent and punish such a decision.”

    • Lou

      Funny, that describes Justin to a tee but I don’t think he would describe himself as a progressive.

      • Rhett Hardwick

        Ad homonym attacks of Justin do not in anyway clarify what objection you may have to facts, and situations, that he presents.

  • ShannonEntropy

    NH used to be the most reliably red State in American… remember
    The Manchester Union-Leader ??

    Now’s it flipped to blue and like every other State that flips — like CA — the change is permanent. [ AK has flipped back and forth but they’re the exception that proves The Rule ]

    Th reason NH flipped was not billionaire bucks nor the people there becoming more “Progressive”… it’s cuz southern NH became a suburb of Boston and the flood of all the liberal elites moving in cancelled out the votes of the longtime denizens there

    This is a much different trajectory than places like TX and AZ which are likely to become permanently blue by the end of the decade… those places are changing because of new immigrants who are always overwhelmingly blue

    So pretty soon Lou and his ilk will be the only voices heard outside of niche sites like this one. The social media purge of right-wing voices is already well underway and will rapidly accelerate if Trump loses or after 2024 even if he wins, cuz after Trump there is *never* gonna be another Republican POTUS or Congress

    • Rhett Hardwick

      To me, at least, “Republican” has lost it’s meaning. It is just “the other side of the aisle”.

      • ShannonEntropy

        Or, as Abe Lincoln said:

        No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to be plenty of kittens

    • Joe Smith

      NH is a bit quirky, not quite like Vermont where it was obvious “flatlanders” as we call them from mostly NY/NJ migrated up to Burlington and began by hijacking the democratic party and moving the state.

      NH – the Hillsborough county and Manchester/Nashua seems to have a mix when it comes to MA migration in terms of ideology. I know a fair amount of conservatives who moved to NH when they “downsized” to avoid the income taxes and smaller homes meant less of the big NH property tax bite. The flip flop of CD-1 over the decade was as much about a libertarian running and if was a mid-term or Presidential race between the two usual candidates.

      Retail politics (Sunnu and Bass until a few years ago) went a long way. Might be some mix of younger voters in impacting CD-2 as it covers Dartmouth but family and friends I have up there tend to be all over the map except when it comes to a couple of issues (2nd A, taxes) and even then can divorce state from national. But there has been some Hispanic migration as well.

      GOP better use the 20 census redistricting effectively because I think you’re right Shannon about the trend in some states – the only large scale hope for the GOP is simply the aging of America.

    • Mario

      The foreign immigrants aren’t overwhelmingly blue, they would be natural constituents for the Republican party if it didn’t so often and so consistently go out of their way to make them unwelcome. W understood this, and many of the 2016 contenders would have pushed the party back in that direction, but white identity politics was too important to the base. So you got a President whose sole qualification was that he was willing to say the worst things to the worst people, and you’re choking on it.

      • Rhett Hardwick

        It has long been understood, since the days of ”ward heelers” that every immigrant has a Democrat inside just waiting to get out. This proved true with the Irish and Italians. It does appear that many Hispanics, have more conservative values. Or, perhaps, the ward heelers aren’t working hard enough.