Linda Finn Provides an Example for the Definition of Q.E.D.


Conservatives have the same (or a corresponding) tendency, no doubt, but sometimes progressives charge forward in their righteousness in a way that justifies the opposing arguments against which they’re railing.  Former Democrat legislator and gun-control advocate Linda Finn recently offered a fine example on Twitter:

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Why, yes, how unreasonable for people to believe conspiracies!  A politician and activist who wants to use government to criminalize a member-supported group that she doesn’t like should perhaps shy away from promoting her opponents’ fear of government as evidence of their insanity.

  • Justin Katz

    Confiscation doesn’t enter into it. Finn faults the NRA for fostering conspiracy theories to scare people into fearing the government. She then declares that the government should therefore charge the NRA with treason and treat it like a terrorist organization, which would be more aggressive of an act than most of the conspiracy theories that are actually out there.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      It is worth remembering that “militia” finds its way into the Second Amendment because of a fear of the federal government. The “militia” was the “governor’s army” expected to defend against federal incursion. Noting new here.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    I have been following the Cambridge Analytical story as closely as possible. In sorting their meta data, they came to a number of conclusions. One, Liberals are more “open”, two; Conservatives are more “conscientious”. Translated. Liberals favor “do something, anything”, Conservatives favor “do the right thing”. I think we are seeing a lot of this in the gun controversy.

  • Christopher C. Reed

    Sen. Reed’s observation certainly holds true for the dead white males who wrote the Bill of Rights. They were violent insurrectionists with a penchant for not paying the taxes duly levied upon them by the lawfully constituted (Royal) authority. Not politically correct at all. Perhaps they should be tried in absentia for treason?

    “NRA should be tried for treason.” All 5MM+ members, or just Wayne L? “Men” buying guns and ammo are domestic terrorists. What does that make the fastest growing demographic of new gun purchasers — women?
    La Finn — hoist on the incoherence of her own argument.