Local School Control Works


  • Joe Smith

    You did read the fine points in the article though. The one school that is a combined Middle-High School (with only 114 students!) spends $10,000 above the state per pupil due to two big business in the town (what do you think would happen if those businesses closed?).
    A federal grant of $350K pays for much of the dual enrollment programs (again, a low enrollment school so that can cover the few hundred students).
    What’s so surprising if you spend more money you might get better results – maybe if you spend it wisely? I agree some of the other points – getting local business people into the schools, having local foundations that build up a base for non-structural expenses, and having a public college system that wants to be part of the high school education (check how many dual enrollments – not concurrent, but dual – URI has!) make sense.
    But again, when the grant goes away or if the business closes, do you think these schools are going to sustain this level – spending twice the state average per pupil makes up for a lot..