Looks Like There’s No Reason to Go After Guns in Rhode Island


Well, well, well.  According to Amanda Milkovits, shootings are down in Providence:

The number of shootings has decreased over the last five years, and with 68 victims last year, is reaching the level of nearly a decade ago. There were 11 homicides in 2016, which is tied with 2006 for the lowest number of homicides in about three decades, according to statistics from the Providence police.

Last year, there were no gang-related homicides – a first in recent memory. That is significant, as one gang killing can often lead to retaliation.

Clearly, therefore, violating Rhode Islanders’ Second Amendment rights with new gun control measures is unnecessary.  That’s especially true given that violent crime is up at the same time, per WPRI’s Dan McGowan.  Looks to me like law-abiding citizens could probably use more guns to protect themselves from thugs.

  • William B. Palazzo

    Did anyone point this out to Peter Kilmartin and Sheldon Whitehouse? They seem to be quite uninformed.

  • Merle The Monster

    “Looks to me like law-abiding citizens could probably use more guns to protect themselves from thugs.”

    And don’t forget those Grizzlies lurking near the kiddies schools