Mapping Out the Tolls


Just for fun, I took the proposed toll amounts that Ted Nesi tweeted out earlier and put them on a Google Map.  If I did this right, you should be able to click the toll locations and see the amount highlighted.

The RI Dept. of Transportation and toll supporters (most of whom represent interests that will benefit directly from the money or are otherwise entangled with state government spending) want it all ways on this matter.  On the one hand, they argue that the state must have this new revenue or there is no way to repair roads and bridges.  On the other hand, they point out (as at the House Finance hearing) that even if the tolls produced no revenue, it would “only” reduce the amount of money available for repairs (as in, no big deal).  This applies on the individual level, implying that nobody will have to shoulder too much burden, but then emphasizing all the money they’ll collect for infrastructure.

Review the map and think like a trucker on routes with which you’re familiar.  For example, traveling from my house to Woonsocket would cost a trucker $40 round trip.  Taking an alternate route of routes 24, 495, and 126 — which I’ve done anyway, particularly during certain times of day — would cost $0.  Zoom out on the map, and one can see just how easy it would be to avoid Rhode Island, or to only enter it where necessary.

In contrast, depending where trucks start out within Rhode Island, a round trip, say up 295 and down 95 would amount to less than an hour of driving yet cost around $30 in tolls.  And that’s before RIDOT decides to start ratcheting up the tolls for more and more money.

  • Phil Hirons Jr

    I had to ask permission to see it. Waiting to see if that works

    • OceanStateCurrent

      Well, that’s not how it’s supposed to work. It should work, now.

      • Phil Hirons Jr

        Much better.

  • Dona Vincent

    Map works fine.. can we just get rid of all the red dots???? NO TOLLS. Legislature is nuts if they are forgetting the manufacturing business that get serviced by these trucks. For truckers to stay in business, these tools will have to get passed and the increased cost of doing business will push more of business out of state.

    • Mike678

      Perhaps. What is almost certain is that trucks will pay the tolls, and you’ll pay them back through increased prices on goods.

      It’s a short-term win-win for the State elites; they will get both the toll revenue and increased tax revenue due to the price increases. Of course, they will also have to increase benefits to their voting block to offset the higher cost of goods, thereby making the state even more attractive to the those that prefer not to work, who in turn reward the elites with their votes. A positive feedback loop!

      • Phil Hirons Jr

        I think that’s a negative feedback loop. At least for us taxpaying types.

        • Mike678

          Agreed–from a taxpayer perspective. My jaded view was, of course, seeing the issue from the elites perspective.

          Interesting to note that the Dems, the “party of the people” once again go against the will of the majority of voters. They evidently know better–as they did in 38 Studios….