Mark Levin Features Soviet-Like Whitehouse


Rhode Island’s own Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Democrat) led off episode 4 of Mark Levin’s new online show.  Reviewing a clip of Whitehouse presenting an obviously prepared line of questioning for President Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, Levin draws parallels between Whitehouse’s content and presentation and the sort of government activity we used to expect from the Soviet Union.

Without any specifics — leaving much to the imagination and the insinuation — the senator and the AG discussed criminal and civil investigations of private companies that aren’t fully in line with the required climate change ideology.  Levin suggests that the entire performance isn’t meant to enlighten the senator from Rhode Island, but rather to get the message out there in the air, so to speak, that companies should start worrying about an FBI knock on the door.  “It’s as tyrannical as is possibly imaginable.”

The idea is to intimidate the public in order to prevent real debate over public policy.  In practice, the government doesn’t have to take oppressive action to the extent that people believe that oppressive action is always a possibility.  The great majority of people (including business leaders) just want to move along with their lives, and so they’ll respond to implied threats from officials.  Then, those who either won’t or can’t capitulate so easily seem like extreme cases and are easy to marginalize in an environment in which everybody else just wants the tension to go away.

This is how freedom dies, and it’s sad to see how large a role even little Rhode Island has managed to play in the process through its electoral choices.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    Am I the only one reminded of the “Inquisition”? Will my local fuel oil dealer be “put to the question”?

  • GaryM

    One of my favorite things in this climate change debate is to take a quick peek at the carbon-footprint of those telling everyone else how to live.

    Does Senator Whitehouse actually believe he needs 5200+ sq feet of hard-to-heat living space on 4.75 acres in an ultra exclusive area of Newport?

    Does Ira Magaziner (the Greenhouse Compact) need an exclusive 50 acre waterfront estate on Poppasquash Point in Bristol? I’ll leave Barbara Streisand’s Malibu estate out of this.

    What about liberal Ashley Banfield speaking out against low carbon impact housing in her own exclusive Darien Ct. neighborhood (of course safety was the issue.)

    The attitude of picking for ones own life a home based on “location,location, location” is what the Progressives are saying is harmful to society (ref – RhodeMap RI). But take a closer look at their own digs and what you usually find is “do as I say, not as I do”.