Monthly Tracking Will Be Welfare Boom


Pay attention to this tidbit from a Providence Journal article by Alisha Pina:

The majority, said Cindy Machado, chief human service policy and system specialist, were here because they want to know why their benefits were cut. Of the 97,000 receiving food assistance, 3,000 have been deemed ineligible or didn’t give the required paperwork in time to keep getting help.

Another 500 people on Thursday had their state health insurance cut for similar reasons. UHIP has a program that allows the state to check monthly if residents are still eligible for the insurance. Notices were sent to those in question, and time was given before benefits were ended. Officials had hoped that the program would save about $16 million this fiscal year, but delaying the launch by two months decreased the projected savings by $2.4 million.

Right now, it sounds like a money saver that 3,500 welfare beneficiaries were found to be ineligible, but we’re on an economic upswing, and all of the state’s welfare programs aren’t fully integrated, yet.  When the upswing stops and, more importantly, when all government programs are linked for this month-to-month assessment, UHIP will become a way to maximize payments, not minimize them.

Through a creepily invasive “program” that keeps a monthly profile of all Rhode Island residents — at least those below some income threshold that we might call the “dependence line” — the plan is for the government to actively sign up new “clients” as they become eligible, sucking a maximum number of people into the system.  Again, we’re all either potential produce or tax-money laborers for the government plantation.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    I have always assumed that the political motive for raising the minimum wage to $15.00 was to get more people above the dependence line and relieve governments of the expense. I see that in the sates where it has passed,people are demanding fewer hours in order to get back bellow the dependence line.

  • Paul Kelly

    I ran a construction business for 25 years. The 15 dollar an hour debacle will cripple most small laborer owners in this state.Especially with the heavy hammer of getting taxed for everything else under the sun.Most will just say fine then, and hire fewer workers.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      Well, you can always get Mexicans at the gas station at the junction of Rte 95 and 123 in Attleboro. They are usually gone by 6:30.

  • Paul Kelly

    I never played that game..Opens yourself up to a lot of headaches.