New Detail on the False Alarm (Still Resulting in Mere Reassignment)


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    In Hawaii we do not tell the mainland how to do things so mainlanders shut your mouths trying to tell Hawaii how to conduct our government affairs. You come here and open your mouth we will show you the beach and tell you to start walking home.

    On a more insane note, FCC and State of Hawaii has finished preliminary documented reviews and investigation of what happened Jan. 13 people involved, timeline, assets used, software, documents, procedures, supervision and management.

    The State of Hawaii special investigator 13 page report Tuesday Jan 30 report is highly critical saying insufficient management controls, poor computer software design (Federal Emergency Management Agency endorsed software for all 50 states) and human errors contributed to the Jan 13 false ballistic missile alert and delayed retraction.

    The Federal Communications Commission investigators released preliminary findings Tuesday saying that poor planning, inadequate technology and a series of errors from multiple people contributed to and exacerbated the button pushers mistake.

    Results of an investigation by the Federal Emergency Management Agency are still pending.

    Formal final investigative documents with corrective recommendations are forth coming.

    Interim action are Hawaii Emergency Management Administrator has resigned. Hawaii Emergency Management Officer has resigned. A Hawaii Emergency Management Supervisor has been placed on unpaid suspension and the exempt union employee who erroneously issued the false alert has been fired.

    As final investigative reports become available more changes as possible more personnel actions may be forthcoming.

    So mainlanders, stop the griping on what you think Hawaii should do as this might be a blessing in disguise seeing how it uses FEMA endorsed software for all 50 states and national U.S.A. wide alert network.