One Weird Trick to Make Your Anti-Trump Article Better


If you are thinking about writing an anti-Donald Trump editorial or op-ed, and really want to convince people who are thinking of voting for him not to, let me offer you a piece of practical advice:

If you can drop the sentence…

“Even if it means you will have to accept decades of crushing socialism, you must fight against Trump”.

…into your anti-Trump screed without disrupting its flow, then it’s probably not going to convince any of the people that you need to convince, and is need of a rewrite.

Alas, Robert Kagan’s anti-Trump op-ed in today’s Washington Post doesn’t pass the test.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    wild obstructionism — the repeated threats to shut down the government over policy and legislative disagreements (but, they didn’t do it. I recall when the government was shut for a few weeks in the 90’s, it wasn’t very noticeable); the persistent call for nullification of Supreme Court decisions (SC decisions determine whether a law is “constitutional”. If this disagrees with the legislative intent, there is nothing wrong with changing the law. That is a legislative prerogative, They failed by not doing this) ; the insistence that compromise was betrayal (the “goal” should not be compromise, “compromise is the failure of leadership”);

    As stated, more or less, Trump’s support comes from those who believe the government has failed them, repetitively and often. They want someone who will turn over the table and has paid his own way (indicating he is not a puppet). I cannot thoroughly disagree with that attitude.

  • Rhett Hardwick

    The one Kagan I know tells me it is not a very large family, is Robert Kagan any relation to the Kagan of Supreme Court fame?

    • ShannonEntropy

      Kagan is not really that uncommon a name — it’s Jewish in origin BTW — and I find no reference to the two being related

      Robert’s wife Victoria does happen to be a high-level Asst Sec in Obozo’s Dept of State which should tell you something about his politics

      Bear in mind that Kagan is a real nut·bar [[ that is one level up from a “fruit·cake” ]]. The guy has the cojones to call himself a “Neo·conservative”. Does that article sound
      like anything a genuine Neo·Con would have penned ??

  • Max

    I wonder how many Democrats who can’t vote for a liar or a socialist would flip to Trump. He’s pretty quiet or neutral on some social issues that could swing some votes his way.

    • Rhett Hardwick

      Merely “registered” Democrats will probably defect in substantial numbers. “Philosophical” Democrats will probably just see it as more of the same, and that the past hasn’t been so bad.